Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nice little Rip-off campagne Alopra and COMPETENCE in Brazil

So I was alerted about this PANTONE CANVAS campaign in Brazil where a studio called ALOPRA ( blatantly ripped off my characters. Run by an agency called COMPETENCE (  @competenceLab on Twitter)

Link to the rip-off job:

Link to my original exhibition (2012) :

Now usually I'm really not bothered about this kind of stuff. After all, mimicry is the biggest form of flattery :)

(EDIT: PANTONE actually has nothing to do with it. My mistake :P it was actually a job for  PAQUETÁ ESPORTES. Sorry Everyone at Pantone)

Now I know this is standard practice for advertising agencies. They brief an illustrator or studio based on a shoddy concept and something they "found" on the internet (often referred to as "reference") and they basically want you to duplicate their "reference" to fit into their script. The beautiful world of advertising.

Here's some pics for your enjoyment:


  1. I've seen the project on behance, he also showed your artwork as reference. Artists inspire artists, but this is way too obvious.

  2. I like very much your work. Cool style!

  3. Hi dropcolor thanks for the comment and thanks JOTA! Much appreciated :)

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